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About Us

8teq is an innovative company that designs, builds and invests in tech solutions that ensure an automated, connected and spatially enabled government and businesses. Our goal is to be the leaders in shaping a smart, safe and secure future for organizations and the nation.





Artificial Intelligence

Our Products are


Jengo3D is an indoor 3D mapping solution which involves accurate lidar scanning of an area of interest and generation of digital twin model and virtual tour from 360 images collected by the scanner and provides a smart-web application to visualize and analyze this data in an optimized and intuitive way.


  1. Upload and visualize variaties of open lidar formats
  2. Interractive virtual tour of 360 images.
  3. Analysis tools for point clouds data
  4. IoT integraion ready(cameras, lock)


We provide one platform integrated with artificial intelligence to manage your surveillance and analytical needs. We seamlessly inegrate hardware and software to give you a unique sense of control of border premises. We also ensure data integrity and security so that you are always in control of all your data and maintain data confidentiality.


  1. Target Identification
  2. Real-time events alerts
  3. Watchlist monitoring and management
  4. Events reports & Secure video management


UmojaMaps is a platform that has up to date information on all geo-located data such as amenities(schools, hospitals, churches), infrastructure(road, power lines,), drainage(rivers, water bodies) , boundaries info. The platform has other functionalities as Routing and Geocoding. It is a central platform to access all government information.


  1. Data query ,i.e query for - traffic, land, amenities, schools e.t.c
  2. Geocoding
  3. Routing API
  4. Basemaps

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